I delight in adventurous stories with characters I want to call my friends.

I am inspired by the near possible; the scientific breakthroughs that nudge us towards one of many potential futures. The science and the technology of my stories provide an intriguing background of “what if this was already possible?”

I’ve been a voracious reader as long as I can remember. I don’t have one of those freakish memories that recalls my second birthday party, but I certainly remember having my nose buried in books from the age of about six—at which point I was graded with a reading age of ten.

Words were my thing; numbers, not so much! While I enjoy a Netflix binge as much as the rest of the world; I prefer creating my own mental picture of the hero and love the freedom to imagine the action based on an author’s words so I can race along at my own headlong pace.

Throughout my everyday working life; writing was always a focus. Whether it was writing technical engineering documents and emergency response plans for offshore oil rigs or training materials for banking and insurance clients. Business plans, management reports, marketing communications or corporate newsletters; all have contributed to the millions of words I’ve pounded on a keyboard.

Sadly, professional business writing has a short half-life with minimal satisfaction and although sometimes the marketing spin to the shareholders was “creative”, it wasn’t a great deal of fun.

My creative writing started when we took a leisurely sabbatical from corporate monotony and spent a wonderful year travelling around the vast continent of Australia in a 4WD. Once I’d unleashed the fictional beast, I could not ignore the voices in my head begging for their stories to be told.

Inspiration for a story arc, narrative element or plot twist can strike any time and from any source. I absorb things I’ve heard, read or seen into the soup of my hind brain for weeks, months or years and pop out in a stream-of-consciousness style flood of what if A+B+C happened?

The stories I write follow the adventures into which I plunge my characters to explore the transformation of a “normal” life. Or tests how individuals deal with disaster on a global scale when all they want to do is focus on their own family.

My writing includes futurist elements that support the plot and allow me to include fascinating elements of suspense and wonder.

The science is authentic—at least from a theoretical perspective. Most times, those improbable elements are possible, with scientifically proven foundational steps.

My blog is about sharing some of those intriguing ideas that I have may have already included in one of my books or be the foundation for exciting new stories. I hope some ideas will inspire you with a sense of wonder, hope or interest.

Want to get to know me better?

Check out my interview on Manybooks for a few clues to what makes my world turn. See you there!